About Me

I am a versatile designer, I move fluidly through the different UX disciplines to take projects from inception to production. As a compulsive problem-solver, my passion and specialization lies in interaction design and strategy. I firmly believe in understanding problems before solving them; the user research I perform initially gives me the data I need to produce design deliverables that will serve users in meaningful ways.

I am an excellent communicator and thrive in a collaborative environment. I have worked in product development methods such a Lean, Agile, SCRUM, workshops, and Product Discovery/Design Sprints.

Things Im Good At

Technical Skills

Interaction design
Visual design
User testing
User interviews
Information architecture
Basic HTML/CSS/JavaScript
Fluent English & Spanish


After Effects
Lightwave & Modler

Soft Skills

Abstract Thinking
Thinking Quickly
Public Speaking


Jason Lewis

Sr. Director of User Experience, ABCo

“If you have the opportunity to hire Larisa I suggest you do it, otherwise settle in for a drawn-out search, if you think you can find a more determined, curious, and passionate creative.
Over the years we had the honor…of watching that determination first hand as Larisa grew from an entry-level talent to a Senior UX Designer running her own product. Along the way she would maximize every volunteer design opportunity, help build a strong creative community, shoulder level-above responsibilities, move beyond advanced IxD skills into user-research and product strategy, build an authoritative voice, and so much more.”

Erin Howard

Director User Experience Strategy, ABCo

“…[Larisa] was the sole UX resource on the product and was expected to manage all UX considerations. Typically, this role would require someone more senior, but Larisa was determined to step in and fill the gaps … She [prioritized] work that would deliver the most impact within tight timelines… She actively sought to learn more about conducting user research… Larisa continues growing her UX skills through striking balance between her naturally artistic mind and her empathy for end users.”

Marcus Ellis

Senior Developer at Atlassian (HipChat)

“I have truly enjoyed working with Larisa. She is passionate about design, a fierce advocate for the user, a fantastic collaborator and eager to learn and grow…I always appreciated her willingness to involve me early on in the design process for any upcoming feature. She often sought my feedback on her designs and frequently checked-in…we worked together to find a solution that accomplished both of our goals. As a UX developer, she has all of the qualities I look for in a UX design partner.”

Kathleen Denyer Hall

Product Manager, Civitas Learning

“Larisa brings to software design an artistic eye and a fierce desire to help architect the best possible solution. She’s not afraid to ask “why” or to push back to ensure a positive User Experience.”

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