I am not sure where my fascination with bottles comes from. I think it’s their capacity to hold magical things like potions or spells. For few years now I have been making these bottles, they each have a story. I only have a few left, as most of them have been made as gifts for people, like weird little 3D mixed tapes. I have also found these to be better souvenirs from my travels than a store-bought trinket. 

This is the bottle from my trip to Spain. I collected feathers from all the different cities I visited.

This is the tree bottle. I usually try to find a cork to fit the bottles. But I made my own this time, I think it’s “fitting” (ha). I think I’m going to start doing the bottle caps in this style more often from now on.

This is from my recent trip to Turkey. I picked up all kinds of bits and pieces, including the bottle itself. My favorite might be the doll leg.

This one has a message, it was made on one of my trips home to Costa Rica, therefore it has a lot of beach items.

This last one I creatively call the Blue Bottle, I made it on a trip to Padre Island National Seashore.

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