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UI component to unify single and bulk actions across all products in the suite,

Screenshot from the Axure prototype.


The Business Intelligence tool relied heavily on the use of data tables to display information. Our application had inconsistent ways of handling both row and bulk actions, looking at other products in the company, the patterns were even more disparate.

What I did:

  • I researched similar patterns, best practices and documented the different use cases, including for other product teams.
  • I sketched design possibilities at various fidelities to communicate and collaborate with both Front End and Software Engineers in early stages.
  • The prototype needed to be highly interactive, it required complex conditions and variables in Axure. It was my first time using this software, but despite the challenge, I was able to complete all 5 versions of the prototype in time for the scheduled tests.
  • I was also faced with a tight deadline, finding external users was going to take too long. I used an internal social channel to recruit employee volunteers on. Not only was I able to set up 20 remote user tests (using go-to meeting) over the course of two days, I exposed non-UX employees to the product development process.
  • I scripted and conducted multi-variate user testing on the 5 versions of the design, iterated between tests based on results, and analyzed the data to implement the best design.
  • Mocked up final designs and meticulously annotated and documented each state in the interactions.


  • I exceeded department standards by testing 5 iterations with 20 internal users which also served as a vehicle for UX visibility to the rest of the company.
  • A fellow designer described the solution: “simultaneously accommodates the technical limitations and improves the interaction rather than limiting the user. The resulting pattern is great and she truly crafted an experience that delights.”
  • This pattern was accepted by the product and by the platform team as an extensible solution for 12 other products to adopt.

Made an inventory of all the disparate ways in which all of our apps handled bulk actions.

Video of remote, moderated user test:

Project categories: Interaction Design, User Experience, User Research, Visual Design

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