Map Tool for BI app

Creating a simple map tool to show population demographic density and other data points using a design sprint process.


This tool was integrated within a larger business intelligence enterprise app. Our team wanted to use a discovery process to move quickly. The business had recently acquired new population demographic data sets and wanted to combine them in interesting ways with internal data along with public data like the census.

What I did:

  • Working in a design sprint process (Product Discovery), coach other the other team members on proper methodologies for scripting and conducting a user interview, testing a paper prototype, how to gather feedback.
  • Translate the team work and refine ideas from brainstorming sessions into deliverables such as wireframes and paper prototypes.
  • Script and conduct user testing on the interactive prototype built by engineers.
  • Work closely with the UI designer to ensure the visuals of this new pattern was in line with the style guide.
  • In later releases, collaborate with another designer on the team to develop a V2 of final designs.


  • The quick development of this feature secured the renewal of an account who planned to terminate their contract worth $600K.
  • Learned a new process that increased collaboration and invested all stakeholders in championing UX throughout the entire development process.
  • Development of persona materials to be used in the future by the product.
  • New map design patterns accepted into pattern library.

There are different methodologies and techniques for this process that can be adapted for each team.

Here’s how ours went.

OUR TEAM: Me(UX), Front End Engineer, Software Engineer, Product Manager

Day 1. DISCOVER:  Who are we building for, empathy, understand the persona(s). (personas sketching, interviews, empathy chart)

Day 2. FOCUS – What Learn, gather, understand the information, brainstorm. we did task mapping, journey mapping, brainstorming

Day 3. IDEATE РHow: brainstorm solutions, sketching, discuss, narrow, repeat till we got to our MVP plans

Day 4. BUILD- Solution build a prototype, outcomes, determine how to measure success

Day 5. MEASURE & ITERATE- Test the solution, make changes and test as much as possible.

Here are some of the materials from that process:

Determining the persona. To build the materials around this user so we conducted several user interviews and internal subject matter experts.

Time-boxed silent brainstorming to determine scope, data points, requirements and feature ideas.

Prioritizing features along with the “Opportunity Canvas”.

4-up sketches from the team.

Paper prototype. We conducted several user tests and were able to iterate quickly based on results to continue testing and refining.

I refined the collective team ideas into final UI’s for the prototype. Prototype Version 1 (MVP).

V2 of the released design with some enhancements. Collaborated with a UI designer on finalized visuals.


Project categories: Interaction Design, User Experience, User Research

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